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St Ives,
Cornwall. TR26 3BS
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Happiest when heading to the fields by the sea, weโ€™re not sure if itโ€™s because she enjoys the views or if thatโ€™s where her favourite patch of grass is.


Loves nothing more than chilling in the shade and giving her back a good scratch – has never presented a Saturday night TV dating show.


One cool cow, would ride a motorbike if she could.


Friendly but well respected, all the other Moomaids are on their best behaviour when she’s nearby. It’s also worth knowing that she likes a good pat!


Grazes in the morning, grazes in the afternoon and grazes in the evening – Buttercup takes grazing extremely seriously.


Born in the Autumn and the funnest Moomaid of the lot, always wants to play even if the others don’t – sees hedges as challenges.


Never phased, always content, chews her cud and gets on with it.


The Marilyn Monroe of the herd – can probably speak French.


Born in the spring and not one to follow the herd, she’s always keen to explore and find her own patch.


One of our most aptly named Moomaids – she’s sweet and pretty, but can be really quite prickly at times.


Doesn’t like having her picture taken – in fact really quite rude if you’re holding a camera.